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Our Computer Services

The world has decided that computers are the way of the future.

Computers have become the standard in entertainment, business and even our personal lives. What was once a difficult task has been made simple with today’s technology.

As we all know it can become very expensive trying to stay up to date. However, not staying up-to-date can also become very expensive as it exposes your valuable hardware to dangerous software and attacks. We have become experts at helping clients protect their valuable data and hardware always providing fast and professional service.

We have discovered that there is a balance for each person between how much performance they need and how much money they want to spend and each person is different. Armed with that knowledge we tailor solutions to fit our client’s needs. For us it is not about selling the biggest or most expensive products, but rather selling the best products to fit the needs of our clients.

At the end of the day the most important thing is that our clients are pleased with the decisions we help them make. That being said there is nothing too big or too small that we won’t help with. We can service and sell any computer system and will get the best price and performance for our clients.

As Computer Support Specialists, we perform a wide variety of services when it comes to computer hardware and software. These services range from installs and repairs of hardware to technical assistance and diagnostic of software. We are here to help, so come on in and get answers to your questions regarding all your computer needs.

Computer Services

  • Wipe Restore Back Up
  • Virus Clean Up
  • Software Tune Up
  • Back-Up All Data
  • Business Back-Up
    (Corporate or Server)

Website Services

  • Basic Website
  • Advanced Website
  • CMS Website
  • SEO Packages
    Starts at $149
  • Hosting Cost
  • All Prices based on us hosting.

Education Services

  • 1 on 1 Tutorial Class
  • 5 Tutorial Package
    $30 Per
  • Groups 2 or More
    (Price per person)
    $35 +$25 Per add
  • Educational Lectures

Hourly Rates

  • Diagnostic (waived if)
  • Hourly Rate
  • House Call
    (includes first hour)
    in Bend and Lapine:
    other locations:
  • Networking